Ombak Spa



Sport | cut, file, and cuticle clean
Manicure 150k
Pedicure 175k
Manicure & Pedicure 325k

Spa | cut, file, cuticle clean, scrub, massage & nail polish
Manicure 210k
Pedicure 235k
Manicure & Pedicure 410k
Manicure + Gel Polish 280k
Pedicure + Gel Polish 310k
Manicure & Pedicure + Gel Polish 510k

Extras (x2 for hands and feet)
French Tip 50k
Gel Polish Remover 60k
OPI Nail Polish 100k
OPI Gel Polish 170k

Hair Treatment
*only available in Hotel Vila Ombak
Hair Wash & Blow Dry 175k - 45 mins
Hair Mask 230k - 45 mins
Hair Spa 345k - 60 mins

Waxing Treatment by Depileve - Spain
Under arms 175k - 15 mins
Half arms 200k - 30 mins
Full arms 230k - 40 mins
Half legs 230k - 30 mins
Full legs 275k - 50 mins
Bikini line 230k - 30 mins
Brazilian 345k - 50 mins
Full back 320k - 45 mins



Aromatic Facial
Contains Rose extract to maintain skins natural balance of oil and pro
vitamin B5 to help skin achieve the perfect moisture level. Best for oily skin,
large pores and acne prone skin.
60 mins 345k

Aloe Vera Facial
Contains Bio Aloe Vera extract to nourish skin and help prevent dehydration,
keeps your skin fresh and supple. Best for normal to dry skin or a perfect
after sun treatment.
60 mins 345k

Botu-Like Anti Aging
Contains Bio Seaweed extract and collagen to help optimise skin moisture
and elasticity. Best formulated for tired looking skin or premature aging
60 mins 410k


Essential Spa Package 780k - 3 hrs
• 60” Choice of Body Massage
• 45” Choice of Pampering Body Treatment
• 15” Aromatherapy Hydrotherapy Bath
• 60” Choice of Facial

Beauty Package 680k - 3 hrs
• 60” Hair Spa
• 60” Spa Pedicure
• 60” Spa Manicure

Tropical Romantic Couple Package 950k - 2,5 hrs
• 90” Aromatherapy Massage
• 45” Choice of Body Scrub
• 15” Aromatic Hydrotherapy Bath


Balinese Massage
This unique relaxing ritual of long massage strokes, skin rolling and pressure
point applications is used to relieve stress, ease tension and soothe tired
60 mins 345k

Aromatherapy Massage
Combinations of five classical movements with calming aromatherapy oil, to
relieve muscle tension, creating deeper states of relaxation.
90 mins 400k

Ayurvedic Massage
This relaxing massage combines long kneading strokes, thumb circling and
rolling with Ayurvedic Warm Oil.
90 mins 400k

Therapeutic Warm Stone Massage
The heat of the earth and dedicated touch ensures this much loved
massage will leave you revitalised. Your therapist alternates hot volcanic
stones and nurturing hands in flowing strokes across the body; stones are
then strategically placed on energy ponits regenerate a tired body.
90 mins 400k

Foot Massage
This treatment will leave you walking on air! Focuses solely on the feet and
includes a foot soak, foot scrub and massage.
60 mins 220k

Stress Reliever Back Therapy
Strong back, neck and shoulder massage to relax and release tensions.
Complete with a sea salt back rub.
45 mins 200k

Pampering Body Treatment
These full-body exfoliating treatments include a hydrotherapy bath
treatment. All of these skin exfoliating treatment focus on removing dead
skin cells for soft, smooth and nourished skin.
60 mins 280k
120 mins (incl 1 hr Body Massage) 520k

Coconut & Vanilla Scrub | Moisturized & Cleansing
Papaya Mango Sugar Scrub | Energized & Devitalized
Lombok Coffee Body Scrub | Antioxidant & Invigorating
Lime & Ginger Sea Salt Glow | Detoxifying & Cleanse
Green Tea Body Scrub | Anti Aging

After Sun Cooling Treatment
Having a little too much fun under the Gili Sun? Soothe that sunburned skin
with our Cooling Lavender Aloe Vera Body Mask. While your body is
reaping the benefits of the Mask, enjoy a dedicated 30-min skin soothing
aloe vera facial.
60 mins 400k
120 mins (icld 1 hr Body Massage) 575k

Royal Java Experience
Delicate Rose scented body scrub that hails from Java’s 17th century royal
palace. Complete with 1 hr relaxing body massage with Rose Oil, Milk Body
Mask and Aromatherapy Hydrobath.
120 mins 550k

Term and Conditions

All price is subjected to 11% of government tax.


Gili Trawangan Island

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